Berny Dulanto and her newborn Zoe
Each night, Ingrid works with the Red Cross to educate migrant youth of the dangers of Covid-19.
A young Syrian refugee boy makes his way to his shelter after a torrential rain in Greece’s Idomeni settlement.
A Syrian refugee girl with her younger brother at Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp
An Ethiopian man prepares for nightfall in Calais. He and hundreds of others will attempt to stowaway onto trucks bound for England.
An Ethiopian woman in Calais keeps a T-shirt of the Madonna and Child for the night she will attempt to cross the English Channel.
In San Salvador, an old man awaits the arrival of his granddaughter who has been captured by Mexican authorities while trying to make her way to the United States. He explains that his granddaughter fled Salvador after receiving death threats by local gangs. “Only God can help us now.” he says.
A Nuer man has fled Sudan to South Sudan after his village was bombed. His gestures his devotion to Allah.
A young Syrian girl takes care of her younger brother who is afflicted with muscular dystrophy.
A South Sudanese refugee makes her way to the capital Juba after losing her eyesight to river blindness.
A young boy in New Orleans weeps after losing his home to Hurricane Katrina.
Having successfully evaded Somali insurgents to cross the border between Somalia and Kenya, a little Somali girl is inoculated against measles.
A 1-year-old Syrian refugee girl has just arrived to Jordan’s Za’atari Refugee Camp.
Anita Hill at the Venice Biennale
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Angela Davis
Jordi and Guapo

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