The survivors

Photojournalism is specific to a historical moment. But it also transcends that moment to become a part of a lasting testament to our condition.

I think of the gazes of people of color who have stared beyond the myriad wars that the world has embraced as causes and then, just as quickly, forgot. A family flees to South Sudan after their village is bombed, and a young girl flees Somalia after the terrorist group Al Shabaab kills her husband for allowing her to play soccer. Young boys who have fled from Congo, create a life for themselves in a forgotten border camp in Rwanda. A little Syrian girl lives defiantly with a bullet lodged in her cerebrum.

There are times when I wonder whether or not our empathy is little more than a button that can be turned on and then off again when the politics are no longer convenient. And yet, the gazes of those who many would like to render invisible somehow persist — an emotional power that defies erasure. They are the undefeated.
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